Hi there,

I am having some issues with redirects (caused by lack of knowledge in Javascript ). What I need to do is to redirect to a new page if the visited URL contains one of the following three words: create, status, home. This redirection may only take place if the visited page is not in iframe.


1. Visitor comes to http://company.hosted.com/create and are redirected to http://www.company.com/create-ticket which has the "http://company.hosted.com/create" page iframed.

2. Visitor comes to http://company.hosted.com/status and are redirected to http://www.company.com/status which has the "http://company.hosted.com/status" page iframed.

3. Visitor comes to http://company.hosted.com/home and are redirected to http://www.company.com/support which has the "http://company.hosted.com/status" page iframed.

4. Visits to all other urls at http://company.hosted.com that do not contain these tree words mentioned should not be redirected (example would be unique urls created for password reset).

5. If visitor goes directly to our company site which has one of the above mentioned urls iframed then the redirect script in the iframed page should not redirect

Hope this is not too confusing and that someone is able to help me out