Hi, first post on here as I've been searching the web for an answer and not really found what I need.

Basically I have been building websites, mainly html for years now but last year I had a friend who was a model ask me for a site, the requirements we're that she could update it herself, anyway the site was built and I used zenphoto for the cms and generally it worked but I was never happy with it, she changed relationship and the site shut so that was the end of that.

Anyway a friend of hers really liked the site and wants one doing herself, but wants it to look more proffesional, now i can do the design side fine but what she want is this;

1. the site has to be updatable by her, so some back end would be needed.
2. the site has to show updates she has made on say the home page, you know the sort, the home page shows the last 5 updates or similair

now zenphoto ticked the first box but I'm not sure if theres a program that does the second or if that would need direct coding in php, she doesn't mind paying for the software/program if theres one that does it, and I don't mind customising it but building completely in php is beyond me, and the prices shes been quoted are beyond her lol, so any direction towards anything that would help I'd appreciate.