Everything works fine in FF and Chrome, but IE isn't rending the text for 2 elements right.
IE is ignoring the startOffset and text-anchor attributes it seems.
I am wonder if anyone has a workaround for this issue.

Here is the SVG, CSS segments:
text {
	font-size: 11px;
	text-anchor: middle;
	fill: #000;
#preview > g[id] rect:first-child,
#preview > g[id] circle:first-child {
	stroke: none;
	fill: #000;
	fill-opacity: .4;
#shoe > text:nth-of-type(2) {
	font-size: 6px;
HTML Code:
  <defs fill="none">
    <path id="r1" d="M42.556,42.556 m-39.06,0 a39.06,39.06 90 1,1 78.12,0 a39.06,39.06 90 1,1 -78.12,0" />
    <path id="r2" d="M42.556,42.556 m-39.06,0 a39.06,39.06 90 0,0 78.12,0 a39.06,39.06 90 0,0 -78.12,0" />
  <g id="preview" transform="scale(2)">
    <g id="shoe" style="display:none" transform="translate(66.944,10.194)">
      <circle cx="46.556" cy="46.556" r="42.556" />
      <circle cx="42.556" cy="42.556" r="42.556" stroke="#000" stroke-width=".5" />
      <image x="23.556" y="20" width="38" height="38" />
      <text x="0" y="0" dy="0"><textPath startOffset="25%" xlink:href="#r2"> </textPath></text>
      <text x="42.556" y="61.107" dy="3"> </text>
      <text x="0" y="0" dy="8"><textPath startOffset="25%" xlink:href="#r1">This Shoe Belongs To:</textPath></text>