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Thread: Is it okay to pay somebody

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    Is it okay to pay somebody

    I'm not aware of the etiquette on this site, but I am willing to send money to a PayPal account they can help me out.

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    If you want to pay a person or company for services, that is at your discretion. Beware of sending money via PayPal to random faceless people for so-called services. I would not advise this for a number of reasons:

    1. You're risking losing money.
    2. You may become accustomed to simply paying people to fix things for you when you run into a problem, as opposed to solving it yourself.
    3. It may become expensive.

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    i think it depends on what you're paying them for; this ain't craigslist...
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    Instead of posting this in a programming forum, I think you would find that "online freelancing sites" better suited to your needs.

    I can't name an exact site (it would be a "plug", which might be against forum rules), but just googling related words gives plenty of results.

    On such sites, you will even get benefits depending on the site, such a a per-hour monitoring system (with screenshots of your contractors pc as he is working), some have an escrow service (i.e. they hold your money, which is paid out only on delivery of satisfactory results), some have mediation/arbitration services, etc.

    I personally frequently work on such sites on my free time, to keep my skills sharp.

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