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Thread: site feedback

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    site feedback

    Please refer to my new site
    www.digiconze.com. let me know the feed back?

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    "DigiCONZE is a freelancer who offers full service to Web Design, templates, Web Development, SEO and Social Media. We choose one of our package services and design it for you. We understand your business and begins with Logo design, Web designing and Optimize your website to bring traffic and visibility of your website in search engine and we brand your product through social media like Facebook, Twitter, linkedin, google plus and youtube and lots more. We keep track of your website and send the updated report instantly. Our package is build to not only meet your needs but own a high quality standards" is poor English. This may simply be because English is not your first language, but never-the-less it lets you down.
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    a few of the images (the earth with the mouse, the ringing telephone, SEO) seem too "old school"

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