Hi All,

I'm taking my first tentative steps into mobile apps and want to create one that accesses data on my apache/php/mysql server.

That means I need to step back and think carefully first about how to build the core code so that all of the functions work cross platform... that is, I need to redesign my website so that it's mobile device ready.

The site is a membership activity site that records member attendance at meetings, and also allows members to link to each other as friends. After I started writing it in the old way, I realised that when the mobile apps get built, I will need a different back end to service them. I'm therefore wondering how I structure things so that I have a single back end that services both the website and the mobile apps.

Do I use XML, AJAX or something else?

I know this is a vague, open ended question for which there are probably many answers, and if this is the wrong spot for the question, I apologise.

Also, if anyone can recomment an RAD environment that can help with all this, I'd be grateful.