I transfered my site to a different webhost.
Because I changed from a version 4 to a version 5 webhost, for a while they didn't put my site up, they let me adapt it in a different location that they had and my site remained visible through my old host.
When I was done with the changes, they said the site has to propagate from that location to my domain name, which
it did in a few hours (they told me then that they are a reseller, which I didn't know, and that the propagation time is not up to them).
After a week I go to that first location they had provided and see that the site is still there. I sent them an email about it, asking if I can now delete those files. As I never got an answer back I deleted them only to find that my site also
deleted. Since all files were saved on my computer I reinstalled them. I called them and they said that that
location is a demo location they use and they'll see if they can erase it. They never returned the call.
I have worked a lot designing my website but I don't know much about servers and how the internet works.
Is this second identical website necessary? I know google doesn't like duplicate content. Would google penalize me for this?