Hi all,

I have a client who is performing a small hardware upgrade and splitting out there IIS and Databases to different servers.

The problem I am having is I cannot access the databases over a DSNLESS connection.

I need to use DSNLESS as the system has lots of small access database for each specific website that is run and therefore managing 1000+ DSN connections is a nightmare and add time and money to each project especially when you have to remove them after they are no longer required. Remove the wrong one and oppps that other site is now not working.

Upgrading to SQL server or another platform is not an option at this point in time.

My Connection string is below and I have tried the following combinations for folder

strDataFolder = "s:\"
strDataFolder = "\\\Database"

Application("strAdminConnect")  = "Driver={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)};DBQ=" & strDataFolder & "\database.mdb"
But neither of those two worked. I think the S:\ didnt work as the Server cant actually see the share, it is at user level, not system level. And the IP address solution didnt work either.

Any hints on how to move forward would be appreciated.