Tower of Hanoi
Create three Tower (eg)A,B,C
Create three Disk (eg) 1,2,3, Make sure the length 1>2>3
Place all the Disc on Tower A , Disk 1 on the Bottom then Disk 2 then Disk 3
Move the Disk from Tower A to Tower C, one by one( you can place Disk 2 on top of Disk 1 and Disk 3 on top of disk 2)
At the end u have to have a Solve Button and Reset Button
When you press solve the system should automatically solve the puzzle,
When you press Reset Button all the Disk should be place back in Tower A,

For referece visit:

You have to create mainly J Query and some Javascript

Can u Sent me a Solution for this!!!!!!!

Prefer short scripts...!!!!!