Hi everyone, just stumbled across this forum and this is my first post! hooray!

I am a beginner web designer and am trying to create the following but dont know where to start.

I am trying to create a dynamic checklist on a web page

1. users fill out a qualification form
2. automatically creates an acct for client.
3. client logs in to view account.
4. client sees checklist showing which supporting documents he needs to complete his claim.
- next to each document there is
1. a checkmark (for uploaded doc)
2. a view button for client to view doc uploaded.
3. an upload box to upload the document/update document

Supporting docs are highly confidential and are different for all clients.

With a system like this I am pretty much creating an efile cabinet on the server, and pulling the info for each user Id.

Not sure how I would structure the upload.... User ID, Doc ID?

If anyone could shed some light on this for me i would GREATLY appreciate it!

Also, if there is any service out there that offers something like this please let me know as I couldnt find one.