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Thread: pop up blocker promblem

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    pop up blocker promblem

    is there a way to by pass pop up blocker

    with window.open

    iam using timed javascipt c=10 window.open (url)

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    I don't know of one with window.open but you could make a pop in div that has the content.

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    There's a good reason why pop-ups sometimes are blocked - to prevent websites from spamming pop-ups whenever they want. However, I do think the pop-up is less likely to be blocked if you open it when the user clicks on a button. But NoEffinWay's solution, to use a pop-in, might be better if you really need the "pop-up" to show up every time.

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    Pop ups can indeed be really annoying. Keep in mind that most visitors wont like them so be very careful when you use them (unless if you don't care about traffic).
    The best way to go is to take the actual pop up out of the equation and use partly what NoEffinWay said but you may want to place the div in a absolute way, keep it hidden and when you need to pop something up, rewrite it's contents, make it visible and maybe have an other div behind it in black color and medium opacity which you also make visible and give the impression of a pop up but in a less annoying, more fun and blocker bypassing way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jase View Post
    is there a way to by pass pop up blocker with window.open
    iam using timed javascipt c=10 window.open (url)
    not with a timer.
    in non-firefox browsers, you must call window.open() from an element.onclick() handler, or call a function that calls window.open() from an onclick() handler.

    if the user clicks something to activate the code, the presumption is that they initiated the popup, so it's allowed. Without the click, it would be possible to launch a ton of popups from a page you didn't even touch...
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