I am struggling to make a query work in the intended manner, the logic is for some reason not working in my head.

This is what I have:

Table: uploads
Fields: uid, ufile

Table: tags
Fields: tid, tname

Table: tags_uploads
Fields: tuid, tid, uid

A user uploads a file, the file name is stored in uploads.ufile.
The user can then tag these uploads.
A script checks against existing tags to see if one already exists, but if it doesn't then it makes a new tag, and the name of that tag is stored in tags.tname.
Then the tag is linked to the upload using tags_upload, where tags_uploads.tid refers to tags.tid, and tags_uploads.uid refers to uploads.uid.

I want to bring back a list of results like so:

Grouped by image - I don't want to display the same image twice.
Ordered by popular tags.

So for example:

A user uploads 10 images, but tags 3 of those images as 'black and white', 2 of them as 'red' and 1 as 'blue', I want the user to see the 3 'black and white' images first, followed by the 2 'red' images, then the 'blue' one and then whatever else follows.

But the query I am using is not working, because it is just sorting by the number of times that particular image has been tagged, and not the popularity of the tag that has been attached to the upload.

This is what I have:

if($viewRes=$mysqli->query("SELECT uploads.ufile,COUNT(tags_uploads.tid) AS tidcount FROM uploads INNER JOIN tags_uploads ON uploads.uid = tags_uploads.uid GROUP BY uploads.ufile ORDER BY tidcount DESC")){
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