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Thread: Left vs. Margin-left, basic question (i should know this by now.)

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    Left vs. Margin-left, basic question (i should know this by now.)

    I have an element that i am positioning with position:absolute and i honestly don't know if i should
    use left: or Margin-left?

    What is the rule of thumb for deciding which one to use.

    (i should know this by now!)

    big thanks


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    I am not the expert in JavaScript,If you said position:absolute then I prefer using just "left". but "Margin-left" also should be working fine. I tried it.......

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    To control the positioning of an element with position:absolute, use top or bottom to control the vertical position and left or right to control the horizontal position. It can seem like you're controlling position with the margin settings, but you're essentially just changing an offset from the default position settings for the element, and that may cause problems in the future.
    Rick Trethewey
    Rainbo Design

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    thank you both for the help

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