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Thread: poll in javascript

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    poll in javascript

    I'm using youtube api to get to know when a video is fully buffered

    when the fraction is 1, the video is fully buffered
    but I have to poll this function to check whether it is 1 and then get the time
    like setInterval(display_fraction,1);
    since a video could be tens of minutes
    will this polling creates a heavy load on the browser/client and thus affect the video streaming? are there any other better polling methods or ways to detect when youtube finishes buffering?

    BTW, the link for youtube api is:

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    it can draw at 33fps and use 1/33rd resources by changing the 1 to a 33. 100 or even 500 would work as well. at 500, it would only run a few times, so that wont slow down cheap tablets like checking 1000 times a second would.
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