Hi all;

I've uploaded a php code for a proxy browser that is here:

I want to add a procedure to it to log any username and password or other information entered through this browser;
Better to be saved in a text file.

I've searched about this issue and found some points as following:

But I couldn't conclude a working solution (a piece of code for adding to the surrogafier.php code) !
I'm so much new to php programming and I'm going to use this modified browser in part of my project, so I can't discern which solution is better (set cookie, save in the session or ...) and where should I add the required code in the surrogafier.php (browser) ?

Perhaps, something like Firefox reaction to save user&pass during first login to Gmail in browser...

Anyway, I need a piece of PHP code to add it somewhere inside the surrogafier.php proxy browser to log and save the entered user&pass and other details in a text file on the server,

Could you put here this piece of code and guild me where I should add it in the surrogafier.php code to be able to test it using WampServer, etc?

I so much appreciate you if help me.