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    Hello guys,

    Fairly new on here but I'm sure there's a bunch of guys here that are capable of helping me out. I'm aiming to limit my pages on my website and came across the infinite scroll Javascript. I primarily saw it on http://www.infinite-scroll.com/ but, I'm just having a slight difficulty in getting to grips with it. I don't use wordpress for starters so I'm assuming jQuery will be my second option. Just wanting anyone who knows about this javascript to tell me in the most simplistic form on how to use it efficiently as best as I can since I'm not 100% in understanding with it.



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    There's a jquery solution offered by the very people you linked to - http://www.infinite-scroll.com/infin...jquery-plugin/

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    Doesn't explain it very well to me. I'm unsure if it's because I'm always tired reading it or I'd learn better from just someone else explaining it a little further to me.

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