actually I have integrated the 1UP system into the website ,

But I think the coder that added the MOD made a mistake, The first payment every member make, should go to the Admin, because that is for buying into the the First Sale the downline make will be passed up to sponsor...So I need to correct that.

secondly, I want to add levels to it...that is the part I want you to emphasize if you can fix it...Members at level 1 should be able to upgrade to Level 2, and from level 2 to level 3 and so on....Check and revert to me..If its possible we start work now..It will be better for me.

If you can work this out...then you will be able to carry on on the rest of the project...This is because I still want to add, 2by1 Matrix, Paid To Click, Traffic Exchange into the system..