Hey, I've just run into some problem with IE.
I have a webpage, http://jozsi.hgart.hu, and it's not working in IE.
I have several problems:
- The whole look of the page in lte IE 8 is collapsing. What's wrong with it?
- The background of the #menuslide div should be black but it's transparent. Why?
- If I hover over .itemholder_logo the #menuslide div slides to the right, it's okay but if I mouseleave the .itemholder_logo, it slides back. In any other browser it slides back only if I leave with my mouse the whole .itemholder_logo and #menuslide divs.
After it if you go to http://jozsi.hgart.hu/munkaim/1, which is a subpage,
here the slider just doesn't work, like in any other browser. The images don't fade in and out.

I just can't figure it out and I'm getting really crazy about it.

Could you recommend me some kind of book or something that describes this whole Internet Explorer misery?
I'm a bit fed up with it, I mean trying to make work my webpages in IE while it works pretty fine in any other browser but I know it's important but I don't know where to find a materieal about it to learn.

Thank you in advance.