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Thread: Drop Down Menu CSS (z-index) problem

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    Lightbulb Drop Down Menu CSS (z-index) problem

    I'm having a z-index order issue.

    I thought it would be an easy fix and I have tried a few different z-index changes, but I cant seem to get it right.
    The issue is just the home page:

    as the jquery dropdown menu is falling behind the other jquery image slider.
    (what is also odd is that at times, it comes in the front and then it goes behind again)

    Could anyone please assist me? it would be much appreciated!

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    Seems to be working now. At least for me. Why use JavaScript for a dropdown menu. People who have JS turned off, which there are more than you realize, won't be able to navigate your site. Use CSS, and you can achieve the same results. Use CSS3, and you can achieve the same animation effects, while older legacy browsers will just default to CSS1 and 2.

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