Hi All,
first post - yay!

So I've been in talks with developers in my country (NZ). Aside from being a little silly, and trying to claim things they didn't really invent ('mega menus', really? it was just a drop down menu...), or things similar, they were also ridiculously elusive and expensive. I've done graphic design - I know what I want my site to look like, but there's certain functionality I'm not familiar with.

I want members who can/are:
1: able to pay for pro memberships
2: have their own personal profile pages <-- now, when I said this, they told me 30k right off the bat.
3: to pay per submission.

1 & 3 I'm not too fussed. I've reviewed the codes for that and I'm confident I can wringle that. Now. Why on earth did they say 30k for what they called "listings" software. Never heard of it. I googled, found a software place called "wishlist" which looks like it'll do everything I want, I believe.

Can anyone else broaden my perspective?