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Thread: PDF file error "There was a problem reading this document [14]"

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    PDF file error "There was a problem reading this document [14]"

    I'm the webmaster for my church's website. Each month, I upload the monthly newsletter to the site. It's in PDF format.

    If you try to open the pdf file as an attachment from an email, it displays just fine. But, if you go to the website and click on the link to the pdf file, it opens to a blank document and displays the error message: "There was a problem reading this document [14]"

    Any thoughts as to why it display that only when launching from the website?

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    Sounds like the document became corrupt in the sending of the email. Ask the sender to send you a new copy of the attachment.
    alternatively you could post your problem on forums.adobe.com/ they have a very good web tools responsive system in place.

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