Hi Friends!

I am seeking for a VPS, preferably XEN-based, which provides third-level names for free (i.e. if the hosting is called hostvps.org, for example, user could refer to his server by myname.hosvps.org).

As about system resources, 512 MB RAM and 10-15 Gb of disk space is sufficient. I need this for period of several months, while developing and testing application with alpha-testers. However we could not decide about project name currently so we do not want to bother ourselves with buying and setting up normal domain name (but we prefer some temporary third-level name instead of accessing server by IP).

I've found one provider at our place, in Russia - but his services does not like quite stable and support is slow enough. On the other hand I see that www.tektonic.net provides almost what I want (VPS-512 plan), but they have no third level domains which I want. (though if I find no other, I'll buy this and buy some temporary normal domain name, of course)