i m going to create a dating web site. it's online game. there are will at first registration, chat and the game, where people can ask question and random users (3 boys to 3 girls) answer on each other at real time.

like on screen (russian flash app). ask question: http://cossa.ru/upload/medialibrary/2f0/Clearasil-2.jpg

answering: http://vkdiz.ru/uploads/posts/2011-0...12_25.0823.png

at the end, people, if they want, they can choose a man: http://onlain-love.ru/wp-content/upl...l-polyubil.png

so, i know very good html, php, mysql. A little js, ajax, jQuery. what engine and how should i start to make this project?

for example, i read about Ajax Push Engine. Should i use it or search something else, another technology? Or maybe just write site on clear jQuery and mysql?

thank you!