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Thread: Can javascript help me?

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    Can javascript help me?

    Hi - I'm new to javascripting but I'm playing around with a dynamic website that is using the DotNetNuke version 6.23 software. The modules in the software don't provide the function that I need to do and I've been told that it's not possible with javascript but am seeking a second opinion. What I want to do is basically:
    on a "tenders" page, once a "tender" submission deadline has passed, have the details of that "tender" removed from that web page and put onto a new web page called "closed tenders" and this process should be automatic.

    Is this possible to do with javascript?

    Would really appreciate any help please.

    Thanks so much

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    You keep those tenders on a database I image. If that is the case you can do the change with php.
    Javascript could change the appearance of elements within your site but getting them from one page to an other would be too complicated (perhaps by using temporary storage such as sessions or cookies) and it certainly wouldn't be a good or practical solution.

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    Okay thanks for your help, yes the other opinion mentioned that javascript is cosmetic only so I understand, apparently would have to try and learn ASP & do it that way, which is another level of complexity. I think the best solution is to do it in microsoft excel and try and implement the function using VBA Code or as you mentioned PHP in microsoft access.

    Thanks again for your help

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