I had stumble across webgl a few days ago and it reminded me a lot of opelgl (they obviously seem to have a connection by their names after all). I saw several examples of it and they were pretty cool but I haven't seen any practical use of it on any website yet.

If anyone has spent some time on it, do you see it possible to use webgl in order to give some depth in the visualization of a site ?
Perhaps using it in combination with a menu where the site's contest change with some nice visual effects. An even better idea would be to put aside the idea of a site as a window and let the visitor browse it in a 3d way (turn your site into an office where the articles are in a place, banners are framed on the walls, search functions elsewhere, login could be in the door etc).
I have several more ideas of using webgl on sites but I'm not sure if they can be done and if going through the trouble to make them is worth it. Much like flash based sites, they could be simply unappealing because of the long loading they require or coding a simple site could become a time consuming monster.

So to complete my thoughts, I would like to know your opinion upon webgl, it's practical uses and weather or not do you see it in the future of the web.