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Thread: Doctrine2 with ZF2 Annotations caching?

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    Question Doctrine2 with ZF2 Annotations caching?

    I am using Doctrine2 with ZF2 (Zend Framework)2. As per http://www.jasongrimes.org/2012/01/u...d-framework-2/ I am using annotations within Doctrine, I need to know whether be default the annotations are cached and if so where, and if not how I can cache them.

    I know Symfony2/Doctrine2 caches annotation data, how can I do it with Zend2?

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    I am not so clear on annotation caching? Did you mean that the annotation object we created would be saved or stored defautly and automatically? As far as I know, if we use the annotation creating tool to draw a certain annotation shape, we need to save it munaully with the saving option.

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