hello! I am very happy to be a member of this forum!
I have just graduated from the informatics department of a university and I am considering going on a master course in the UK.
The problem is that, in my university it was very difficult to get good grades in modules in mathematics because of many reasons....and I see that university courses in other countries(UK and other) do not contain that much (many of them useless?) mathematics as we do here....
So the mathematic modules made my overall score drop below 7.5 out of 10....as a result it is not easy to enter a good university with graduate prospects of over 75%.....But I found universities with a low ranking score which have 95% chances to find job in web development/software development MSc courses only...not in the other departments MSc courses.

But, I see job offers everywhere for web developers, is it difficult to find a job as a graduate if you have a good portfolio, good master thesis but you did not go to a top ranking university for your MSc course?
for example, although my country is in financial crisis, there are 200 jobs for web developers every 2 weeks....there is no other field with so many job offers here.