Hey All,

I was hoping to get some professional input/opinions on something I have been thinking about and considering lately but am not sure its worth it or if the industry moves too quickly that it would be a waste. A quick background, I have a four year degree in PR & Advertising but the majority of my work was in PR, a field in which I hated. After two consecutive employers I worked for went under 3-4 years ago, I went back to school to pursue a Diploma in Web Design and Development, a field in which I was always interested in and am glad I made this decision.

I have been working in the field for 3-4 years now and really love it, I wake up each morning not dreading work and when I am at work and doing web related tasks, I love it. With all this said, I want to challenge myself and continue to grow/learn new things and have been considering either taking some classes at a local community college in courses such as PHP and Javascript to better round out those skills or even obtain a Masters Degree in the field which will take longer and be more costly but hopefully return the financial stability and knowledge I truly want and will get me further in the field.

All this said, in your opinion, is it worth it seeking out a Masters Degree in Web Design/Development? Would a Masters in something like Graphic Design be better because it is more focused and may not change as much or quickly like languages and techniques do in Web Design/Development? Or is perks that come with it not really worth it in the long run and would I be better suited taking courses and learning on the side through tutorials and some local courses here and there. I am a visual learner and get the most out of a learning experience by being able to interact with people and seeing things done first and going from there. I think if I went the Masters route, it would have to be Online and that raises a whole load of more questions since I got my Web Design/Development Diploma online and though I learned a bunch, I mostly only took things away as far as HTML/XHTML/CSS are concerned. Any of the PHP I learned, outside of using Includes, I don't know or remember, I also never was taught Javascript which I feel is an absolute must for my career going forward. Not to mention, with the new coding languages of HTML5 and CSS3 I really feel I need to push in that direction but I want to make sure I have the proper foundations first.

Any help and input you all can provide would be greatly appreciated.