we just started a new website called Listnerd.com and we'd love some feedback on the site.

Listnerd.com is a new website dedicated to online lists. Listnerd let's the users create, share and explore interesting lists about the stuff in their life they care about; whether that's top animated movies, video games, Converse shoe colors, dinosaurs, cars or just about anything else.

Once a user creates a list, he also loses control over it; the rankings are decided by his/her friends and the visitors to Listnerd.com. In that regard, Listnerd offers a democratic approach to listmaking. At its heart, Listnerd is a social recommendation website, offering user insight on the best products out there. I guess you could also compare it to Pinterest, in the way its about user-generated and -curated content.

Listnerd is 100% free and is deeply integrated with Facebook and Twitter (relax, you can also create non-social accounts).

We'd love any and all feedback you may offer.

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