Hoping some more experienced people can help a newbie out!

I'm building my own website. I've purchased a template that i liked and edited it to suit my brand and products. I've loaded product images, descriptions, added zen shopping cart, it's ssi protected.

I'm looking for simple improvements/advice that an inexperienced person like myself might need to know or can utilises to improve or ehance the look, feel and overall effectiveness of the site?

Things that come to mind?

1. E.g. How to add facebook/twitter images and hyperlinks to contact my business throughother means.

2. How to add a blog?
3. How to add SSI/credit card protection logo's and position it in certain locations?
4. How to improve my .com.au and .com web rankings organically, I'm told blogs and reviews help with this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I hope one day to be skilled enough to help others out with small personal websites and pass on the help/experiences I learn along the way.

Here's my website in it's current format:


Thanks in advance.