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Thread: <div> rotation IE8 issue

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    <div> rotation IE8 issue

    Hey there, I have this slight issue. Im rotating a <div> on an angle of 5.39 clockwise. It rotates correctly every browser except IE8. here is the code.

    HTML Code:
    #pos1 {
    	transform: rotate(5.39deg);
    	-ms-transform: rotate(5.39deg); /* IE 9 */
    	-webkit-transform: rotate(5.39deg); /* Safari and Chrome */
    	-o-transform: rotate(5.39deg); /* Opera */
    	-moz-transform: rotate(5.39deg); /* Firefox */
    Anyone have any ideas why it isnt working?
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    IE didn't add support for CSS rotation until version 9. There is a 'rotate' filter, but it's limited to 90 degree increments.
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