I am working on a website for a client (friend), currently it is hosted by Bigpond, the bigpond wizard is hopeless, cant do anything, so the client registered a new domain name hosted by Hostmonster, and we build a new website, all good so far.
We want to now point the old domain name to the new site somehow, I tried a .htaccess file but that did nothing, the Bigpond system is very unusual and doesnt behave as expected. And the old domain name is listed as Locked. There is still 8 months left on the Bigpond contract. (paid for) we dont care if we lose that.
So My question is...
Can I simply change the nameserver to the new host and just disregard Bigpond and add the old domain name to the new server?
Or is there a problem with the locked domain, can we force Bigpond to release the old domain name?
Any help appreciated.