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Thread: can you help me, Want to create a bar chart

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    can you help me, Want to create a bar chart


    I am new here.

    I would like to have a chart (bar chart) in my website.

    I would like to create a form with the following options to be put
    in a page in my website.

    After a user enters the information as mentioned above and after clicking on the submit button. I want a textbox in the same page to add up the total amount entered by individual users visiting my website and show how much amount has been entered. this should never get deleted.

    Also, want to have a bar chart in the same page showing the first 4 cities, states and categories selected by visitors visiting my website. This has to be in % wise. Even this should never get deleted.

    Idea behind this is I want to create a website where users can discuss their stories of how and when they have paid bribe. To make my website for interactive, I want users to fill a form with the options mentioned above. After the user enters the information, the same has to be shown in the form of bar chart.

    Thanking you in advance for helping me with the code required to create this form.

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    there are a lot of free classes that will help you do that. I would go to PHPclasses.org and do a search for bargraph or barchart. There are also some on Hot Scripts.... And there are some available on Google APIs that will allow you to simply input parameters to a image request.

    A good place to start is a search for barchart on website with php

    Try http://speckyboy.com/2009/02/04/16-u...nd-techniques/ and if you want to create your own try http://www.talkphp.com/advanced-php-...chart-php.html

    But the simplest method would be using the Google visualization api. https://developers.google.com/chart/...llery/barchart
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