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Thread: How to customise content based on location?

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    How to customise content based on location?


    I'm very new on coding and was wondering whether anyone could help me.
    I'm trying to provide custom content to my mobile users based on their location (i.e. a UK visitor would display UK news items only).

    What would be the best method for doing this? I'm currently using HTML5 and JS with the rest of the site.

    Thank you in advance for your help!

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    Reputation Management

    I introduce my Whois and Enhanced Whois Web Service.

    The Enhanced Whois web service lets me know where my visitor are geographically located, provides filtering capabilities, and can act on referrals. This will allow me (or you) to personalize site greetings, hide my email address (or content) based on the visitor, and provide a unique personal experience. Alternately I can use this service as a classic Whois service.

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