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    Fledgling Travel Blog

    This is my second stab at web building. I would like feedback on the ease of navigation, content, and value of the information provided. All my blogs and journals are based on my first hand accounts and I would like to know how vaulable and applicable they are to the overall website theme. What are some things I am missing or what should be taken off?

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, thank you


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    I for one am not complaining about your blog, especially since you have put in such a lot of hard work and effort, every thing that is relevant to the subject has been placed right where they should be, its definitely a great blog. Images are also good and effective. Check out the link below.

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    Your site is great!

    You have built an amazing website!

    I would say that it looks ideally more or less,but I would make the contents of it a little bit less encyclopedic. You describe cities a lot, maybe it's worth to add something more engaging for the readers.


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    Thanks, appreciate it. I am trying to make the site more engaging. I do have a playlist for each location pretty much what was on my ipod when i was there. I figured coupling it with the slideshow makes it a bit more exciting. Also my journal logs were supposed to amplify things. I am having trouble with people looking down the page far enough to see this though. Do you suggest that I move it somehow? And it does seem encyclopedic but I don't know any other way to lay so much content out. Thanks.
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    The site is not mobile-friendly, which is a pity as your target audience are likely to use mobiles.

    I'd suggest accessing the site with a smartphone and/or tablet (or get a friend to) to see the problems:
    1. Fixed width.
    2. Hover activated menu.
    3. Fixed size graphics.

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