I just started at a position about a month ago and one of their goals in to basically rewrite the entire web platform codebase going with a focus more on using front-end technologies for the front-end (HTML, CSS/SASS, JavaScript/AngularJS, etc...) and then have the backend be more just a REST API. While development and product is completely behind this idea, there is some caution from higher up in the business about doing a rewrite. We have been encouraged to do refactoring however the codebase at it old spots is about 8-9 years old and while we can refactor the code to make things a little better, we are not going to gain very much.

One example of this was trying to make our website drop support for IE 7. When this happened, a ton of the UI just broke as was so bad that they just reverted the changes to force IE into 7 mode. While I am sure it would be possible to make the current site IE8+ compatible, it will probably take quite some time since there are not many people here who really know the inner-workings on the UI for the website of the current codebase.

I have just finished building a low risk small application using all the newer technologies (AngularJS, SASS, Grunt, etc...) so this will serve as a good example of why we should be pushing to rewrite the platform and not refactor the platform however I am trying to look for any other companies/developers that have posted postmortems on there development of an application using JavaScript frameworks whether is be backbone.js, ember.js, Knockout.js, etc... (while we are going with AngularJS, the benefits of using a JavaScript MV* framework are pretty consistent at a high level with all JavaScript MV* frameworks). I am look for both new applications that start with these technologies and applications they were converted to these technologies. Any articles that detail on how/why companies/developers went for this type of technology stack would be helpful. Just trying to find some resources that will help be make a better argument for the rewrite.

Does anyone know of any good articles like this?