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Thread: changing - editing arrays!

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    resolved changing - editing arrays!

    Hi, guys!
    I have 2 arrays, $inHand[] and $inBag[] ..... as name inHand are weapons in hand and inBag are weapons in bag.
    Now, i want to give user ability so they can change their weapons. (User can't have more than 6 weapons so they need to change).
    So if one wants to change his third weapon with 5th weapon in bag, i have to edit arrays but how do it?

    I am sure that i haven't completely explained but hope it was enough... just tell me how to change one array with other array's some position and return it ?

    Yup, Really confused.
    Thanks in advance.

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    this was a fun, yet simple exercise:

    PHP Code:
        $inHand = array(1=>"knife""pistol""shotgun""lanten""map""compass");        // the stuff in your hand
    $inBag = array(1=>"rope""radio""grenade""sword""shovel");                // the stuff in your bag
        // function takes the two gear arrays, as well as the numeric keys for the "old" and "new" items
    function switch_gear($hand$bag$oldItemKey$newItemKey) {
    $transfer $bag[$newItemKey];    // get the new item from the bag
    $drop $hand[$oldItemKey];        // "drop" the old item from your hand
    $hand[$oldItemKey] = $transfer;    // put the new item in your hand
    $bag[$newItemKey] = $drop;        // put the old item in your bag

    $returnArray["HAND"] = $hand;
    $returnArray["BAG"] = $bag;

    $returnArray;    // return both the "hand" and "bag" arrays

    $swap switch_gear($inHand$inBag35);

    "\nHand: ".print_r($inHand);
    "\nBag: ".print_r($inBag);    
    "\n Return: ".print_r($swap);

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    Gujarat, India.
    WOW! Thanks! It worked!
    however i had to think for a bit about how getting arrays back.... at last i got it... like..

    PHP Code:
    $inHand $swap["HAND"];
    $inBag $swap["BAG"]; 

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