Hey guys,

Most likely this has been discussed in the past but Im trying to use two different scripts ( LavaLamp and DatePicker ) on the same page and no luck running both at the same time. Here's what I have...
<script type="text/javascript" src="js/jquery-1.2.3.min.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="js/jquery.lavalamp.min.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="js/jquery.easing.min.js"></script>

<script type="text/javascript">
$(function() { $(".lavaLamp").lavaLamp({ fx: "backout", speed: 900 })});
function MM_swapImgRestore() { //v3.0
  var i,x,a=document.MM_sr; for(i=0;a&&i<a.length&&(x=a[i])&&x.oSrc;i++) x.src=x.oSrc;
function MM_preloadImages() { //v3.0
  var d=document; if(d.images){ if(!d.MM_p) d.MM_p=new Array();
    var i,j=d.MM_p.length,a=MM_preloadImages.arguments; for(i=0; i<a.length; i++)
    if (a[i].indexOf("#")!=0){ d.MM_p[j]=new Image; d.MM_p[j++].src=a[i];}}

function MM_findObj(n, d) { //v4.01
  var p,i,x;  if(!d) d=document; if((p=n.indexOf("?"))>0&&parent.frames.length) {
    d=parent.frames[n.substring(p+1)].document; n=n.substring(0,p);}
  if(!(x=d[n])&&d.all) x=d.all[n]; for (i=0;!x&&i<d.forms.length;i++) x=d.forms[i][n];
  for(i=0;!x&&d.layers&&i<d.layers.length;i++) x=MM_findObj(n,d.layers[i].document);
  if(!x && d.getElementById) x=d.getElementById(n); return x;

function MM_swapImage() { //v3.0
  var i,j=0,x,a=MM_swapImage.arguments; document.MM_sr=new Array; for(i=0;i<(a.length-2);i+=3)
   if ((x=MM_findObj(a[i]))!=null){document.MM_sr[j++]=x; if(!x.oSrc) x.oSrc=x.src; x.src=a[i+2];}

<script type="text/javascript">

$(document).ready(function() {     
    //Execute the slideShow, set 4 seconds for each images
function slideShow(speed) {
    //append a LI item to the UL list for displaying caption
    $('ul.slideshow').append('<li id="slideshow-caption" class="caption"><div class="slideshow-caption-container"><h3></h3><p></p></div></li>');
    //Set the opacity of all images to 0
    $('ul.slideshow li').css({opacity: 0.0});
    //Get the first image and display it (set it to full opacity)
    $('ul.slideshow li:first').css({opacity: 1.0}).addClass('show');
    //Get the caption of the first image from REL attribute and display it
    $('#slideshow-caption h3').html($('ul.slideshow li.show').find('img').attr('title'));
    $('#slideshow-caption p').html($('ul.slideshow li.show').find('img').attr('alt'));
    //Display the caption
    $('#slideshow-caption').css({opacity: 0.7, bottom:0});
    //Call the gallery function to run the slideshow   
    var timer = setInterval('gallery()',speed);
    //pause the slideshow on mouse over
        function () {
        function () {
            timer = setInterval('gallery()',speed);        
function gallery() {
    //if no IMGs have the show class, grab the first image
    var current = ($('ul.slideshow li.show')?  $('ul.slideshow li.show') : $('#ul.slideshow li:first'));
    //trying to avoid speed issue
    if(current.queue('fx').length == 0) {
        //Get next image, if it reached the end of the slideshow, rotate it back to the first image
        var next = ((current.next().length) ? ((current.next().attr('id') == 'slideshow-caption')? $('ul.slideshow li:first') :current.next()) : $('ul.slideshow li:first'));
        //Get next image caption
        var title = next.find('img').attr('title');
        var desc = next.find('img').attr('alt');   
        //Set the fade in effect for the next image, show class has higher z-index
        next.css({opacity: 0.0}).addClass('show').animate({opacity: 1.0}, 1000);
        //Hide the caption first, and then set and display the caption
        $('#slideshow-caption').slideToggle(300, function () {
            $('#slideshow-caption h3').html(title);
            $('#slideshow-caption p').html(desc);
        //Hide the current image
        current.animate({opacity: 0.0}, 1000).removeClass('show');


<link rel="stylesheet" href="http://code.jquery.com/ui/1.9.1/themes/base/jquery-ui.css" />
    <script src="http://code.jquery.com/jquery-1.8.2.js"></script>
    <script src="http://code.jquery.com/ui/1.9.1/jquery-ui.js"></script>
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="/resources/demos/style.css" />
    $(function() {
        $( "#datepicker" ).datepicker();

It is my understanding that I need to get those two scripts and make it one but I really have no clue how to do that Because Im new to JavaScript. It would be great if someone has a few mins to let me know how to make those two work together in the same page. Thank you