Thanks in advance.

I'm self taught and have only done simple html webpages for special embedded systems.

There is so much information I am hoping by posting here I can draw on an experts knowledge to help me 'filter' my solution and head me in the right direction or provide me with working example code.

From the previous webpage the client can select files to "play." I quote "play" because it is custom and we are playing data files out some hardware not audio or video files.

I've already got the server cgi code side working where it parses the filenames and has calculated the TOTAL PLAY TIME.

I'd like the TOTAL PLAY TIME information back to the client webpage to initialize a "slide bar" (with the time to play). Then the user will be able to select where they want to start the "play" and push a "start" button. So, back to the server would go the start time and to play or stop state from the client.

I'm embedding this in uClinux and using boa as the webserver if that is of any importance.