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Thread: Is it possible to BACKUP old versions of uploaded (overwritten) files in the server?

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    Is it possible to BACKUP old versions of uploaded (overwritten) files in the server?

    For example in my web server, there are 4 webcam images in one folder (continiously updated by overwriting according

    to the upload coming from webcam software - as "a.jpg, b.jpg, c.jpg, d.jpg)

    Webcam software is always overwriting the image files but I want to keep and save all uploaded images

    with increasing numbered file names

    (as a0001.jpg, a0002.jpg, a0003.jpg, .... b0001.jpg, b0002.jpg, b0003.jpg, .... for every webcam image


    in a seperate folder (by using cron job?) while keeping their upload date and time information.

    I dont have knowledge for scripting language , but I can guess that there may be some way to do it by PHP or CRON JOB?

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    no one can help?

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    I would look into functions such as file_exists() and rename() prior actually moving the new uploaded file.

    You'd need some way to keep track of what "index" you're at for each image, so you don't have to count each image, every time you upload a new one.

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    I don't know script language but by the help of many people step by step this code is created as a

    solution to my case. And this php file is backuping the files by a cron job running every minute..


    die("$dest_folder not writable");

    foreach($arr as $cam_office1){
    echo "can't find file {$src_folder}/{$cam_office1}.jpg<br />";

    But there are 2 problems in this solution;
    1)In one minute there can be 10 different uploads but I can catch and copy only 1 image in this time

    period by this way
    2)If there is no change (new upload according to the detected motion) in camera image file, it is

    useless to save a copy of image in every minute

    For the first item I think it is more difficult to find any solution, beacuse script must be triggered

    by every new upload, but it is not easy to do.

    But for the second item there can be still something to do. For example these 2 things below can help

    to manage high quantity of uploaded files;

    a) An addition to the script to check if the file is still same or not. If same no saving will be done

    by the script even every minute it is running.

    b) If we can modify the current code for saving the image files every hour to a new created folder

    instead of one stable folder, then it can be possble to manage many saved files.

    I mean for every day one parent folder of the day will be created automaticly by php file if it is the

    first file saving after 12:00 am of previous day. Folders as below

    And in each folder, 24 folders will be created one by one by php file when the time comes to save an

    image if file belongs to a new hour, as

    If anyone can help me about modifying the file, thanks very much in advanced.

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    About code modification for the folder system which I told in my previous post, if someone can say me at least "easy and short" OR "difficult and long" modification needed, it will be a valuable information for me.

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    it seems no more help from here..thank you anyway..

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