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Thread: Not sure how to describe our staffing necessity, maybe you can help?

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    Not sure how to describe our staffing necessity, maybe you can help?


    My company is seeking an individual with experience in e-commerce platforms such as Magento and Opencart. Our project is going to require a complete reboot on an existing Magento platform (They're downsizing their entire product line as well as re-skinning the site itself)

    We're in need of somebody who can help us restructure their product side of things and get the site up and running with standards compliant code. I'm not a heavy tech guy, so I'm not sure where we should start our search or what this perspective employees title would be.

    If this is in the wrong place, my apologies. Figured the php section of the site would be the best place to start asking questions.

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    If you are happy to have this work done remotely, rather than meeting somebody face to face, then guru.com may be a good place to advertise (hoping that this website doesn't have an employment section - sorry if it does). I have found graphic designers on there that came up trumps.

    Not sure how to describe the post however, maybe just advertise for an 'e-commerce website developer' then say what you have told us below.


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    Taking a look around a bit more, and speaking with some friends of mine who happen to be head hunters what I'm looking for is a PHP Developer who specializes in E-commerce Platforms.

    This position is wide open to local and remote individuals, so anyone interested in the position please send a resume & 2-3 examples of your most recent work to jobs@huemordesigns.com

    If this needs to be moved to a jobs section, by all means please do.

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