Hi all, I'm a JS newbie so bear with me; I'm desperately looking for a JS Rich Text Editor which could fit my requirements, but I'm lost in a sea of libraries and each time I try another one I never find what I need, nor an easy way to add it by extending the original code.
Sure, my requirements are a bit non-standard, but I didn't think it could be so difficult...: here they are:

a) I am not interested in an HTML editor. I want a simple, essential RICH TEXT editor. I'm not going to use the editor for creating HTML code for a website, forum or whatever. I just need a text with some basic formatting (e.g. bold, italic, underline, font size, color and the like). I could even use non HTML editors, like Wiki, textile or whatever.

b) the purpose of the system including this editor is analyzing the text entered by the user. It does its job, knowing how to ignore markup (whatever it is), and spits out a number of observations for each text range (one or more words in the input text). The analysis rests on the server side, an MVC web app, while editing is on the client side. I'd use jQuery and ajax to post the text to the server and get the results back, but then I need a way of programmatically SELECTING and FORMATTING the input text on the client, JS side. This avoids the pain of sending back and forth the whole text being edited. Think to something like a traditional spellchecker, where the software requires a way of marking red the unknown words.

c) I'd like a minimally bloated editor, easy to extend and integrate into a pure jQuery+MVC solution. No plugins, or overtly complex javascript editors with tons of dependencies.

d) I prefer open-source, but it might also be a commercial product if it is able to do what I need.

I have been spending the latest 2 days looking for a decent RTE for my purposes, but most of them do not offer any API for text selection,