My company has a tv on pc type product that we developed and came out with in early 2007. We are always looking for way to help promote it and earlier this year a site came up for sale:

This site really fit well, since it ranked on my key terms that we use to push our product, so we went ahead and purchased it. When penguin was released in April the site really didnít suffer any negative lose in rank, but in early June/July we noticed a steady decline in clicks as well as overall traffic from google. We notice that there was not any new content on the site, we got a few scrapes and started putting on new content, following the same basis guidelines that the previous owner did. Make a new post it has a few word description and the link to the live stream. He posted this in the country section and the main section of the site. The posts are almost identical in nature, but staggered so they will not post the same tv stream on the same day. We currently are posting 5 per day on each section of the site

We also started two other sections of the site: TV Shows and Blog. The TV Shows section posts one show per post. It gives an original description of 50-75 words, an image of the show, and a link that posts to the show to watch it online. We are currently posting three new shows per day.

The Blog section makes three posts every week. There is an original post of 100-150 words that describes a tv stream, channel, or tv show. The only link in the post points back to the actual tv show, stream, or channel on the myeasytv website.

Since we started doing this in July our traffic has really increased over many keyterms. Last week we noticed a dip in traffic and we are not ranking well on my of our keyterms. Each day we are getting less and less views on each term, and if we were ranked 5th on the google we are now ranked 7th and seems to drop.

The only thing tht we can think of is that we do not have any original content on the posts that are being made for the country and the root pages. Does any one have any idea on what we should do? We are stopping all new posts from being made on the site. Also we are thinking about removing all the new posts on the root and country section that was made since July. Or should we leave the posts and add more content to them?

Any help/suggestions will be greatly appreciated