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Thread: connecting php to mysql database.

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    connecting php to mysql database.

    <td><select name="jumpMenu" id="jumpMenu">
    <option>Select Subject</option>
    <option>Christian Religious Knowledge</option>
    <option>English Language</option>
    <option>Principle of Accounts</option>
    <option>Agricultural Science</option>
    <div align="center">
    <td><select name="jumpMenu2" id="jumpMenu2">
    <option>Select Year</option>
    <option><a href="Biologypassq2000.php">2000</a></option>

    Above is my html Jumpmenus. I already attached a database, I want the database connected to the html so that when a visitor select the subject and the year S/he would be directed to the corresponding data.

    I want the website to like an e-exam platform. Visitor should be able to view questions and select available option as well as view performance.

    I believe there is a remedy to this because I already benefited from the awesome forum. I am a novice when it comes to php and mysql database.

    It may be essential to know that the database is currently empty as I intend to upload the required data into the database after hosting the website.

    Thanks in anticipation.
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