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Thread: Image gallery with thumbs

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    Image gallery with thumbs

    Hi guys.
    This will be my first post. Joined today.
    I am trying to create a photogallery that should display the thumbs in preview kinda way on a page. And them take the viewer onwards to the actual picture if clicked.

    I have been browsing the net, and it is a jungle out there. I am not interested in any slider solution for the thumbnail gallery at the moment. I am not using wordpress or such. i have built the pages my self.
    As i said it seem to be a jungle out there.
    What would you suggest, i am not sure if i will have some text to the preview thumbs as well, but that would probably be a good solution.
    do you guys have any name of a plug in that might be useful or how would you try to accomplish a thumbs gallery.

    Thanks in advance guys..

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    NivoSlider, FaceBox, ColorBox.

    Alot of JQuery plug-ins useful for the gallery you want.

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    <a href="MyLargeImage.jpg"><img src="MySmallImage.jpg" alt="thumb" border="0" /></a>

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    Thanks guys much appreciated. I will look at them today to see what i can come up with..

    thanks 4 taking the time helping me out...

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