I have basic knowledge of web development. I am 62 years old and I just did a degree in communications in communications & creative media. We touched on css javascript html xhtml
actionscript most of what one does in basic websites. I own www.cagefrontspunchbar.com
and I would like to learn how to use to phpBB as my forum is run on this. I say I own the
forum but I just do not have a clue how I can down load the whole forum so that I can work
at it
in local service and see what changes I can make. I don't have the folders or anything and I would like to have all so I can add and remove images ectSeveral of the things I would like to change include the birds in the header I don't like them and I would like to change these but I don't know how to enter to do this. I am full administrator of my forum but as its all new to me I am reluctant to make changes for fear of destroying the data I have. I also have a problem right now with mass registering which is driving me crazy for I spend ages removing them.
I have sent several posts to the webmaster but he is busy. If I could find a person near Cavan Southern Ireland who might help me to improve my layout and the forum in general at a reasonable rate I really would appreciate your assistance.
I suppose this is not the way to go about things but I really want to try and get things working as I want.