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Thread: basic javascript conflict ( i think?) please help!

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    basic javascript conflict ( i think?) please help!

    Hi, i'm not a very competent coder but I know i've got a javascript conflict that I can't seem to fix. I'm running lightbox on my site and also use smooth scroll with anchors. They both seem to exist in harmony except when you close a lightbox picture using the 'close' text below it, the page just then darkens and floats upwards a little. You can double click on the page to get lightbox to close but this isn't desirable as some visitors don't realise this.

    This issue seems to only exist in IE 8 as far as i can tell, but i'd really like it to work in that browser version if possible. Can anyone shed any light on what i might try and do to remedy this please?

    I've just a 1 page site - it's: www.jacksonswoodfinishing.co.uk

    thanks. Sean

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    At the time of this post I can't replicate that issue. The Close button generated by lightbox is a link with href=#, which could cause SoftScroll to cancel the link's default action. Fortunately SoftScroll allows # links to be excluded by adding a class to them, so you should be able to hack lightbox as follows:

    In lightbox.js find this line:


    and below it add:

    objBottomNavCloseLink.className = 'noSoftScroll';
    Where used, return should be executed unconditionally and always as the last statement in the function.

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