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Thread: I want to use URL path with glob() or scandir()

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    I want to use URL path with glob() or scandir()


    What I have to do:
    1. Scan a directory and find a zip file
    2. unzip this file
    3. redirect the user to a specific file that has been unzipped previously (step 2.)

    I dont have problems when using absolute paths. But this I cannot do since I dont know whether this will be run in Windows or Linux..
    It would be easier if I could use glob with an URL:

    $zip_file = glob("http://".$_SERVER['SERVER_ADDR'].$directory."*.zip"); instead of
    $zip_file = glob("C:\my\actual\path\tozipfile\"*.zip")

    but it does not work!

    allow_url_fopen is enabled

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    Your trying to scan a directory on another server?
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    You should be able to use relative url paths locally and php will translate it for you if on windows. I dont have a windows server to test on, but I am pretty sure it would work this way on windows too.
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    \ is used to escape special characters in a string use /

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