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Thread: Search engine indexing problems

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    Search engine indexing problems

    Hi everyone,

    I recently developed a website for a client on an existing domain. Another web designer had bought the domain, hosted it, and then quit or got fired. I think the DNS server was subsequently changed before I started work on the project. Now after the new site is complete, there are several search engine indexing issues that I have not seen before:

    1 - Using Google SE, the homepage is returned and shows up with the following description: "A description for this result is not available because of this site's robots.txt learn more."

    2 - Using Bing SE, the homepage is returned with a non-existing page as the description. This page probably existed on the site before I started working on it, but was deleted at least 6 months ago.

    Regarding the first issue, I have double checked that there is no robots.txt file at all for this site (hosted by godaddy), so all pages should be indexed. I have also done some minor SEO to allow bots to access meta data which should produce a proper description for the site.

    For the second issue, there is no way that Bing should take months to properly index changes to a website, right?

    The website url is http://cladisadvisory.com

    Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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    I will suggest you to do Onsite Optimization for your Website.

    Create sitemap.xml, urllist.txt, ror.xml and robots.txt file and upload to your ftp directory.

    Submit your sitemap in Google & Bing Webmaster Tools.

    I hope you have got the right solution.

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    Also, put fresh content regularly to your site, it would really help a lot, there is no dout to it.

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    Your site might offer visitors the opportunity to send a link to a friend or bookmark the page they are on. With older sites these sharing tools often require the use of a pop-up form. Unfortunately, each time content is shared a new page is dynamically generated. As you expand your content, you’ll find that each new page you build creates a “shadow page” that you never think of, but that search engines find.

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    If you have created sitemap and you post fresh content regularly then you may not get indexing problem as well.

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