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Thread: min-width in IE7...PLEASE HELP

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    min-width in IE7...PLEASE HELP

    Hello all!

    I've tried EVERYTHING and cannot squash this IE7 bug I'm getting with min-width.

    Please see the page - www.siphon-marketing.com/clients/touch

    I simply want the contents to stretch the outer container. You'll see it works fine in FF and IE8/9 but IE7 has got me completely stumped!

    Can someone bail me out?


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    No responses yet...help, help, help!

    A little clarification. In IE7 you'll notice that the container is stretching to full screen. All other browsers shrink-wrap nicely.

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    IE7 doesn't support min-width or min-height. There might be some JavaScript solutions out there, though.

    On the whole, I wouldn't be terribly concerned about IE7 any more - especially if this is the only issue. Barely 1-2% of users use IE7 these days.
    Rick Trethewey
    Rainbo Design

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